Sunday, October 11, 2015

Micah MacLuhan describes the exciting new products the Conglomerate Church has originated and how it raises funds, from The Spray-On Condom, Tither's Trading Stamps, Stations of the Cross Golf Courses and many more. He explains how prayer, miracles, evangelism, The Great Commission, Blessed Assurance have evolved technologically from micro-chipping ostriches to provide a faith which is comfortable and profitable for everyone - including the church. In what some people today think is a slide from Absolute Truth to making it easier to be good by adapting what works in business, politics and technology MacLuhan points the "way forward" in accomplishing "The Lord's Work." Written by award winning author, cartoonist and podcaster, Dick Harrison,THE FEEL GOOD CHURCH will leave you laughing - and, perhaps, thinking. For a few with an "ultra-traditional" sense of humor, it may be a shocker. For a few with an "ultra liberal" point of view it may may cause them to say, "Hey! That sounds a little like my church!" (Article 4,769 words)

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