Thursday, October 15, 2015

I'm Dick Harrison and I'm pleased to meet you! 

I hope what you see here and on my ART & ARTIST website will entertain and inform. If you subscribe by filling in you email address in the box to the right, I'll send along an update about every two weeks sharing what has caught my eye in the creative world we both enjoy   

     After spending a couple of years teaching art in public schools, I spent the next twenty years in advertising and promotion, eventually owning an ad agency specializing in motion picture advertising.

     Not long after I “retired” to Florida at age fifty, circumstances beyond my control led me to become an independent rep selling my own art, prints, posters and originals for major fine art print publishers and individual artists. I spent the next twenty plus years selling art to Interior Designers, Architects and Galleries throughout Florida. Now that I'm again "retired," Books & Writing have become my new passion, assuming that's still possible at age eighty-four. Perhaps there's a pill for that. If so, it's probably black and white not a little blue one.

     I knew almost nothing about the business of selling art when I started and learned most of what I needed to know from the art professionals I called upon. Their needs shaped my business. When I found a need, I tried to find a way – and the proper art – to fill it.
     Along the way, I met some of the finest and most creative people one could ever hope to know. Perhaps as I write and publish the same thing will happen. I'll learn from you, if you will share you comments, thoughts, opinions and reviews. It will be my pleasure to share what you have to say with others who subscribe here on Books & Writers or on Art & Artists.
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