Wednesday, January 2, 2019

JUST RELEASED! Now you can Listen and Learn while you paint or draw. This is multi-tasking at it's easiest and most enjoyable! Every artist I know wants more time at the easel or drawing board. But they know learning to market successfully is where 50% of their time should be spent. For more than 20 years I sold $250,000 worth of art every year to Interior Designers, Decorators and Architects. And because I'm also an artist I often sold $25,000 - $30,000 worth of my own art, while representing fine art publishers and artists just like you. My co-author, Barney Davey, is the most published, watched, listened to, and mentor for artists. He has decades of hands-on experience in every phase of art sales. He's the go-to expert in on-line sales and social media. Between us, while you listen as you create, we'll give you the tips and tricks you can follow to reach what I call the Market Artists Often Overlook! These are art hungry, repeat buyers who must buy art to satisfy their clients. We've travelled thousands of miles to hundreds and hundreds of art buyers.Best of all, when you have this Audio Book from Audible, you can listen anytime at your convenience. The information is invaluable and the professional narration is superb. This is a Winner you should have!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I'm Dick Harrison and I'm pleased to meet you! 

I hope what you see here and on my ART & ARTIST website will entertain and inform. If you subscribe by filling in you email address in the box to the right, I'll send along an update about every two weeks sharing what has caught my eye in the creative world we both enjoy   

     After spending a couple of years teaching art in public schools, I spent the next twenty years in advertising and promotion, eventually owning an ad agency specializing in motion picture advertising.

     Not long after I “retired” to Florida at age fifty, circumstances beyond my control led me to become an independent rep selling my own art, prints, posters and originals for major fine art print publishers and individual artists. I spent the next twenty plus years selling art to Interior Designers, Architects and Galleries throughout Florida. Now that I'm again "retired," Books & Writing have become my new passion, assuming that's still possible at age eighty-four. Perhaps there's a pill for that. If so, it's probably black and white not a little blue one.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Micah MacLuhan describes the exciting new products the Conglomerate Church has originated and how it raises funds, from The Spray-On Condom, Tither's Trading Stamps, Stations of the Cross Golf Courses and many more. He explains how prayer, miracles, evangelism, The Great Commission, Blessed Assurance have evolved technologically from micro-chipping ostriches to provide a faith which is comfortable and profitable for everyone - including the church. In what some people today think is a slide from Absolute Truth to making it easier to be good by adapting what works in business, politics and technology MacLuhan points the "way forward" in accomplishing "The Lord's Work." Written by award winning author, cartoonist and podcaster, Dick Harrison,THE FEEL GOOD CHURCH will leave you laughing - and, perhaps, thinking. For a few with an "ultra-traditional" sense of humor, it may be a shocker. For a few with an "ultra liberal" point of view it may may cause them to say, "Hey! That sounds a little like my church!" (Article 4,769 words)

Saturday, October 10, 2015


THE JUMBLED LIMERICK WORD GAME that delighted millions of readers readers in daily newspapers across the country is back in a technology friendly format to challenge a new generation of puzzle lovers.  If you home school your children and are on the lookout for ways to provide an educational exercise they will look forward to and enjoy, LIM-R-IDDLES REVISITED is a resource you should have. It teaches an appreciation for words and the richness of our language, increases vocabulary and encourages the use of the dictionary - reading skills that will be a benefit for a lifetime. SEE MORE ABOUT THIS BOOK - CLICK HERE or BUY ON AMAZON

Friday, October 9, 2015

NOW IT'S TIME TO "GIVE BACK" WHAT I LEARNED to artists who need help selling what they create. For more than twenty years as an artists' representative I sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of art, including my own, to hundreds of interior designers, architects and galleries. You'll learn the "tricks of the trade" that will guide you to more sales, more profit and more enjoyment! For more about this book CLICK HERE

Thursday, October 8, 2015

 People want to live with pleasant pictures; images that evoke happy memories, good times, pleasant surroundings, fun, fellowship, places or events they have enjoyed or hope to enjoy, including animals, beautiful flora and fauna.
      They avoid frightening, controversial, political, depressing and jarring images. No matter how superbly rendered, creatively conceived or striking the composition, pictures of poverty, murder, mayhem and madness are not likely to end up over the mantlepiece in most homes or offices.
      Color plays a tremendously important role in the selection of art for the home or office. Because wall d├ęcor is usually the last thing purchased there must be some relationship or matching of of fabrics, furniture, papers and wall coverings. Therefore, an artist should keep up with and anticipate color trends.

Article: 4,732 words

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

     There’s a gold mine out there! It’s probably the largest most consistent and lucrative art market of all, but most artists don’t know it exists. Or they ignore it completely as they bang their heads against the wall trying to arrange enough gallery representation to assure full time income from their chosen profession.
     I stumbled on it by accident and for many years sold more than $200,000 worth of art, my own and the work of other artists, each year. I spent about three days a week marketing and the rest of the time producing my own art and working with other artists, publishers and wholesalers. Because I controlled my own schedule I could choose to spend one week working on my art projects or writing, the next out selling art or visiting with other artists looking for new images for my clients. Or I may have taken a few days off to fish and recharge my own creative batteries.
     I did it for more than twenty years, selling to a market that has an insatiable appetite for art. My clients sold art or they couldn’t complete the job and get paid for their own expertise.
Article: 6629 words