PERPETUAL GARDENS, THIRTEEN GHOSTS – PLUS ONE, VIRGIL AND THE DEATH ANGEL, WHAT WILL HEAVEN BE LIKE? I've been reading, writing and laughing for a lot of years now. Most every week as I look at TV I'll see a report that some well known person has just passed away at a ripe old age. "So and so was seventy-seven when he died," and I'll think, "Well, he was an old man." then, "Holy smokes! I'm six years older than he was!" That relationship - death and dying - is what ties the four articles together.
 The first is pure fantasy - funny fiction that may become a reality sooner than we expect. The two that follow are personal memoirs, which I hope will elicit a smile. The final piece is more serious and represents a reality I believe in whole heartedly and am looking forward to some time soon.  When it happens, and I have complete faith that it will, there will be more than a smile on my face.  I'll be shouting and singing for pure unadulterated joy! Scroll to bottom to order.
Article: 4,210 words

This little gem might not be all that large, but it sure is jam-packed with plenty of humor. From such chapters as How Two Iguanas Might Change My Life to Fitness Fantasies, Uncle Werewolf and Old Girlfriends Night, you will find yourself rocking with laughter. The author has that kind of clean, old-fashioned humor that will keep you turning the pages. In Fitness Fantasies, he describes the day he joined a fitness club and Lou Ferrigno of The Incredible Hulk fame was on hand for the club's grand opening. Exxercise for Seniors, Nuts to Exercise and Extensor Longus Digitorum Pedis Communis are more of his adventures in funny fitness that will leaving you gasping for breath – as they did him.
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This is a different kind of mystery. No dirty words. No explicit sex. There is evil – evil people, evil organizations, evil regimes. Some of the innocent and deserving are 'done in' just as in the world. A couple of the main characters are cats. If your favorite pet is a pit bull trained by the 'what's his name' football star, try to ignore them and concentrate on the twists and turns in the mystery that will unravel like a ball of yarn batted around by a couple of stupid felines. Given most pussies' ability to sense who likes them and who doesn't, I'm pretty sure Zen and Zoe would ignore you, too.
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